Announcing zkBridge Loyalty Point Program partnered with Galxe

Polyhedra Network
2 min readApr 4, 2023

Empower zkBridge Users with Greater Incentives for their Active Engagement and Contributions

Polyhedra Network and Galxe are excited to announce the zkBridge ( Loyalty Point Program to the community by using Galxe’s innovative Loyalty Point Program. As one of the launch partners of the loyalty point program, Polyhedra Network aims to encourage more users to engage with various cross-chain applications and ecosystems built on top of zkBridge.

zkBridge Mainnet Alpha has launched on April 4th, 2023! It is now live on, which is available for cross-chain interoperability on the mainnet of various layer-1 and layer-2 blockchain networks such as BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Arbitrum. zkBridge is a trustless and efficient cross-chain infrastructure for layer-1 and layer-2 interoperability by using advanced zero-knowledge proof technology.

With the introduction of Galxe’s Loyalty Point Program, zkBridge users can now accumulate loyalty points as proof of participation in the ecosystem. As users engage with zkBridge’s cross-chain products and interact with the social media and community, users will earn loyalty points that can be used to access future rewards. The participation of early users on our zkBridge testnet has been recorded through snapshots, and our early users will directly receive the corresponding Loyalty Points upon the launch of the zkBridge loyalty point program.

This partnership between Polyhedra Network and Galxe signifies a new era in the zkBridge ecosystem, where users will be rewarded for their active participation and contributions.

Join us on this exciting journey of the zkBridge Loyalty Point Program. We will soon announce the details of the Loyalty Point Program and launch the program on Galxe. Please stay tuned for more updates and announcements.

About Polyhedra Network:

Polyhedra Network is building the next generation of infrastructure for Web3 interoperability, scalability, and privacy through advanced Zero-knowledge proof (ZKP) technology. Polyhedra Network provides trust-minimized and highly-efficient interoperability solutions for asset transfers, message passing, and data sharing between various Web2 and Web3 systems.

About Galxe:

Galxe is the leading platform for building web3 community. With over 67 million users, Galxe has propelled the growth of Optimism, Polygon, Arbitrum, and more than 2100 other partners with reward-based loyalty programs. Start your campaign today at!

Please visit zkBridge for more details about the building in the zkBridge ecosystem.

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